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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
So we can all agree that these comparisons with all time greats need to stop. Let's steer the discussion into contentious water once more.

PK Subban hasn't improved nearly as much as everyone says he has. He's been nearly the same player since last year.

The main differences is that he's asked to play an offensive role on the habs. Last year he was asked to play a defensive role. He was asked to go against other team's top players night in night out. He was asked to devote a good chunk of his 25-26 min to the penalty kill. He was playing a #1 dman role carrying a very average guy in Gorges on a really bad team.

I don't have numbers, and maybe someone can disprove what I'm saying, but it feels like Markov is handling the tough assignments defensively, and PK is getting easier 5v5 match ups this season.

I feel PK's defensive game has taken a barely noticeable step back from last year, and his offensive game has taken the same small leap forward. The main difference is production. Production is not synonymous with performance. Better players surrounding him and the coaching staff giving him a more offensive role are the reasons why he's producing more.
- no more faking shots
- not going into end to end rushes as much
- not waiting "seconds" before takin a decision in the offensive zone as much anymore
- not winding up as much

among other things

and considering these were his major flaws...

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