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03-09-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by googlymoogly View Post
That is what the Habs used to do in the dynasty eras. Develop players on the farm instead of worrying about wins.
But makes no sense. Though I would love for the people that saw the Dogs often to respond....Why the heck would you use Stortini that much? Why would you use Chaput that much? Why would you NOT use Avtsin? Or Leblanc on the first 2 lines? If development was so important....why don't you understand the importance in vets in your youth's progression? I mean, THEN they started to understand it with the Commodore acquisition....which didn't turn out well. And then up front with the Tenute acquisition....

But personnally, I don't get this. All great to develop under the toughest season possible...but it's also pretty great to develop in winning circumstances.

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