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03-09-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well they might have made some good moves. But not addressing the goalie one was incredibly dumb and being fired material. ESPECIALLY with key players like Richards and Carter who in the end ended up winning a cup later one.

That move made me think of what the Habs did when Koivu joined the Habs.....slowly but surely pushing everybody out as a C from Turgeon to Damphousse to make room for Koivu and yet...just not being able to get the guys needed to Koivu to make it a competitive team. Just what Philly needed was a goalie. I know the Pronger lost played big as well. But they also had time to adapt after it happened. And letting Giroux deal with everything offensive is exactly that.....offensive.
They probably would have been better standing pat on goaltending then going after Bryzgalov the way they did though. This was a team that had gone deep in the playoffs 3 consecutive years with mediocre tenders and its not like Bobrovsky was horrid either.

What they really should have gone for in net is minor ugrades and maybe build a decent tandem rather than go whole hog on a single guy while breaking up the two way talent at forward that was such a key part of why they were good in the first place.

Not to mention that getting younger at forward didn't help at all when they were so time limited on defense. Sure Pronger collapsing then couldn't have been forseen, but at his age you had to know his days as a top D were numbered. As with Timonen.

Losing Carle by going big game hunting and trading for Luke Schenn who just isn't a good defenseman really put a cap on that ongoing fiasco. They've got themselves a brilliant young forward group that's got no support from the back end. Its not that disimilar to what happened to MTL the previous season. They started off with a solid forward group but ran into big problems because they were counting on Markov to hold the defense together and he wasn't availible.

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