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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Major flaws ? Those were small details. Maybe small details that matter but the thing is, a lot of that stuff you mention above was a result of playing with no one around him. Lanes weren't opening on the PP, he wasn't getting the great Markov feeds from anyone. It's nice to pass the puck around quickly when you know that the guys you pass them too will do something with it and not waste it. I'm sure he also felt that a simple first pass wouldn't get the puck out as reliably as if he took it and skated it to the other end. It was a 15th place team with Subban being one of the lone bright spots.

In his rookie season, the things you mentioned in your post weren't much of an issue. Heck he scored more pts in his rookie season, 14 goals. The team was playing better. Last year, I agree that offensively, PK wasn't doing so hot though. This year it's better but a lot of it is due to teammates and system and obviously he had some adjustments to make, especially after missing training camp. But if you think Subban took a major leap forward this year, I think you were underestimating him all along. A lot of us already knew he was this good. I don't tend to get hyped up much. Subban is one of the few that I've been excited about over the past 20 years of watching the habs.
paired with a defensive D (Bouillon at first, now Gorges) just like last year, Emelin, Diaz and co were there last season as well on D, just like Eller, Plek, DD, Patches, Bourque, Gionta (minus his injuries), Moen and co on the 4th...

the "we had no one last season" is an excuse, nothing more.

he was GOOD (not great, not awesome, good) last seasons, now he's slowly becoming a great (not good, no ok, great) defenseman.

He isnt as flashy though, might be why most dont see him improving much.

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