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Swamp Devils select a two-way center so talented that he was selected twice in 2012..

Bill Thoms, C

2nd Team All Star Center in 1935-36
3rd Hart Trophy Voting in 1941-42 and received multiple votes for the All Star teams at all three forward positions

Points 4th(1936), 6th(1942), 7th(1928), 19th(1941)
Goals 1st(1936), 19th(1942), 20th(1928)
Assists 4th(1942), 5th(1928), 9th(1934), 14th(1943), 16th(1941)

VsX scores: 95, 86, 83, 73, 65, 60, 51, 50

Originally Posted by Joe Pelletier
Bill Thoms was a quiet, underrated player whose outstanding contributions never got the credit he deserved. In parts of seven seasons in Toronto he played in the shadow of the great Joe Primeau. Then was traded to Chicago where the weak Black Hawks struggled for wins and respect
Though he was noted more as a playmaker than goal scorer, Thoms and Charlie Conacher led the NHL in goals in 1935-36 with 23. That year Thoms centered a line with xxx and Finnigan, and made the second all-star team. Although he didn't have the polish of Joe Primeau, he was nevertheless an excellent two-way center and got his share of points.
He played five good years for the Black Hawks where he quietly continued to be one of the NHL's best two-way centers. He was said to be very adept with the poke-check and was a very good stickhandler.
Originally Posted by Lloyd Percival
Some people claim that the style of hockey played today makes stick checking of the old type, once used so sucessfully by the such "greats" as Frank Nighbor, Bill Thoms, Joe Primeau, and Frank Boucher, an ineffective skill. However any...
-Lloyd Percival, The Hockey Handbook, 1961, pg 178 (unfortunately google books doesn't have the rest of the quote)

Manger Paul Thompson of the Chicago Blackhawks is mighty happy with the way his first line of Bill Thoms, Doug Bentley, and Bill Mosienko are rounding into shape for the NHL wars.

When Minneapolis sports fans attend the Hawks intra-squad exhibition here next Wednesday, they will see "the fastest line in the National Hockey League," he said.
Calgary Herald, Oct 21, 1943

He was obtained from the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1938 and was an outstanding player at center, left wing, and defense.
Windsor Daily Star, Jan 10, 1945

I'll see if I can find more references to Thoms playing defense - if he did, then his percentage scores would actually underrate his offense.

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