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03-09-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Rutherford is as obsessed with marginal puck moving defenseman in the same way Lowe was in the late 00s, so my guess is Whitney for a few minor spare parts.

Carolina is also one of the few teams in the NHL that has ever been rumored to have even a slight interest in Hemsky, so maybe a bigger deal of picks, prospects, and suspects there.

But this is all based on speculation that someone who knows a player, who is currently playing in the OHL, who thinks he might be heading to edmonton. Why an OHL player(top prospect or not) would be kept up to date on a potential move involving them, no idea, but speculating on that question makes for a pretty dull thread.
The only way that it makes sense is if a deal is imminent, has already been done and is awaiting NHL approval, etc. It is entirely possible, as poster Frank The Tank said these moves usually take some time and aren't just done in a few minutes, I know Frank personally and I know his situation and why he was allowed in the room with the NHL GM then and it is all fact. IIRC it was less than 10 years ago as well so unless things have drastically changed since then I'd expect things to be very similar now.

Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
The trade can't be one for one obviously..... Plus maybe cap reasons, injury concerns (Skinner just came back from another concussion....had one last year also).....who knows. I'm just throwing **** out there.

Though a line of Semin and Yak could be interesting
The concussion part is scary for sure, but concussions are very common in this day and age. Skinner is to them what Hall is to us IMO, I don't see them moving him for anything less than RNH TBH.

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