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03-09-2013, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by WildisLaw View Post
There's no point in scratching him a bunch of games. If he can't produce on top line then send him back to Houston, is it so hard? I like Coyle but send him back down, we have too many bodies. Yeo reminds me of a situation we had when Richards first got here. Richards had Schultz (our most reliable Dman at the time) in his doghouse and playing him 3rd pairing for no apparent reason. Yeo is now doing this with Granlund and PMB. Sure Butch hasn't been playing well, most of the team hasn't. It doesn't mean you scratch one of your most skilled players. Line combinations haven't been right from the start which has a lot to do with it. Stoner fights, we never needed konopka. Brodziak should be the 4th line center. I like Rupp but we don't need him either. This team is just a mess. There is no direction. Scratching your most skilled players, really?


Hell maybe switch PMB with Granlund even. Stupid scratching two top 6 forwards. Heater might even need to go back to top line, they were doing more when he was there.

There are so many other combinations that haven't been tried yet.

As for defense, stoner is at best 3rd pairing. Try Falk with Gilbert on #2
We've tried the PMB for 2nd line center experiment multiple times, it never works. Hes a winger not a center.

Brodziak is a 3rd line center, we've seen that he can produce with the right mix of wingers, you don't dump arguably a top10 3rd line center in the game because of a down year.

I agree that we have to many bodies, Coyle & granlund should be sent down. Coyle, needs more time and experience against easier competition, and granlund needs 20+ mins a night in hou rather than being scratched every other game. I'd prefer to keep him up cause i do believe he's better off playing 11-13mins a night on 2nd pp unit than playing in hou.

Rupp has done everything i expected of him, and has actually surprised somewhat. hes not a fast player but when hes moving full speed hes preety hard to slow down, and hes been above average for us on the boards imo, would do the trade 10 times out of 10.

the main reason of all the weird craziness we've seen this season is all do to the lockout, and shortened season. You have to take a second and remember that this all wouldn't seem so unorganized and dysfunctional if we had a proper training camp, pre-season, and 82 game schedual. Again, this is just my opinion, worst thing to do right now is completely shake up the roster and dissolve what little chemistry we have established so far.

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