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03-09-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
The only flaw is the overloaded servers

Once you get in it's a fine game

That's why the indignation is so how you are so "inconvenienced" because the servers are down because everyone is trying to play this game. This isn't the only game out there. Go play Sim City 4 or something. Yes, this whole game should have been offline to start with, and the DRM shouldn't be online, but meh. Go play something else until EA fixes it up

These problems will be fixed, it will take time
I find it funny that it isn't fixed yet.

I find it funny it's a $60 game.

I find it funny how much the DLC is.

I find it funny how the AI is broken to the point where they likely can't make the city sizes any larger.

I find it funny that they touted the game as online-only to accomodate a lot of online features which have now mostly been disable to make it work at all.

I find it funny they only did a minimal stress test that they completely controlled on a limited time-frame.

There's a lot about the launch I find funny, people complaining isn't high on that list.

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