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03-09-2013, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
We're having a good year but we're not a Cup contender this year. We're heading in the right direction. I know last year was an aberration. Just look at St Louis last year, how good they did in the regular season and got owned in the playoffs by LA. This isn't about just making the playoffs, we're a few years off from competing for the Cup.

If you're tired take a nap.
I am not "tired" in the sense of needing sleep, I am "tired" in the sense of fed up with people who have no clue what they are talking about putting down this team. There are too many Habs fans who have no clue how good this actual team already is and are far too excited about all of the next great prospects that we might one day get to become what we already are: CONTENDERS.

We are not favoured. So what? We are contenders. We have a solid team that can compete with any other team in the NHL. We are missing a piece of two in order to be considered favourites, but we are not as far off as too many people seem to think. If we get a Clowe and Stoner type for our forward and defence, we will be more than able to win a Cup this year. As much as any other team. If certain supposed Habs fans can not see that reality, when it is looking them in the face based on how well we have done over the last few years and this season (so far), that is their inability to understand hockey, not my need for sleep.

The Habs are contenders right now. With the right added pieces, we will be better contenders. As long as we stay healthy, we will do well.

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