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03-09-2013, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by QnebO View Post
So they scratch the Granlund agian.. What good is this doing to him? And don't they know who are they scratching?? It's the ****ing Granlund after all. Feels like the'll just spoil the player with this all.. even houston at this point would be better than all the time scratching.. if the Wilds are so good without him (The (idiot) coach dont see him helping the team) then go for it...

No matter what happens, 2011 will never be forgotten. // not from HIFK or Kärpät fan//
I'm not a fan of scratching granlund either and not sending him down, but besides like 3 or 4 games, he hasn't been very good and looks like a fringe nhl'r at times, thats all of course of how young, and new this league is to him. So i can understand Yeo's decision on this cause with Cullen playing up to the expectations of the 2nd line center role it really limits the spot for him. I don't think yeo's intentions are to let him waste in the box, but rather to keep giving him the oppertunity to earn a spot down the middle. THATS my only problem with yeo atm, Hes hardly giving granny a chance to play wing, and just gives Coyle the #1 spot without making him work at all.

the main point is he's too good for houston and is ready to learn the NHL game, but with the crazy shorten season, lots of travel and games almost every other night, i would imagine its hard as a coach to send him down. Cause players get tired, and having insurance like granland with you is probably a little peace of mind.

My guy tell's me tho fletcher wont let a talented player like granny waste in the press box every other game much longer.

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