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03-09-2013, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by BMC View Post
Could be, could be.

I originally got into NASCAR during the first NHL lockout but gradually drifted away. Started watching again during the most recent lockout and I have to say I do not like the way the sport has changed since then.

I found the racing and the drivers a lot more interesting & exciting then than I do now.

I guess all the money corrupted the sport. Nobody wants to do or say anything that might shut the money spigot off, with the possible exception of Brad Keselowski and now Denny Hamlin. It's too bad.
They definitely benefited from the US open wheel war. The problem is they got too big for their britches. There is a link further up in this thread to a recent interview Brad did. He pretty much nails it more than once on how nascar has to get their head out of their hind end. They truly are the emperor with no clothes who refuse to listen to anybody else. But I guess until they hit rock bottom they will continue on their merry way, oblivious to everything.

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