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12-21-2003, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman
I don't think our set-up is the problem, I think finishing is period and Ronning isn't going to help that any. We need a guy who can finish down low, we don't have that guy right now, maybe Shishkanov is.
I think it's much more than just lacking a finisher. We can't keep control of the puck. We can't set anything up. We look lost. I have very little doubt that Ronning could help in that department.

Ronning is no true goalscorer, but he's certainly as good as anyone else on the team in the goalscoring department. He's averaged about 20 goals a year his entire career. That's way more than anyone on our current team.

It's not that nobody wants Ronning. Several teams have inquired. He's just holding out for the "right" situation. A two-way contract is not the right situation for him. And if the "right" situation doens't present itself, he'll retire.

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