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03-09-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
His biggest advantage is he has a ton of pro`s in that locker room, leaders on the ice, and from all reports, off the ice as well. When your surrounded by that environment, hard to fall through the cracks. There was, IMO, little to no chance DH was returning to Junior for any reason this year. It`s a heckuva luxury to have a kid that skilled learn and develop without the immense pressure and downer of playing for a lousy team.

Coaching staff as well deserve a ton of credit
That is a good point, and I think it speaks to the type of organization the Bruins have become.

They have established a young, core group that they are going to build around going forward, have a proven coaching staff and system, and their locker room is top notch, all perfect conditions for young up-and-coming players.

The Bruins do not have to rush any of their prospects, instead they have the luxury of developing them at their pace, and then bringing guys into a low-pressure situation where they can play and be mentored at the NHL level.

It reminds me of the way Detroit has done business now for a lot of years, and I think it's an approach that can make for a long run of success.

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