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03-09-2013, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Again, EA is a corporation. It's an amoral entity. For them, customer satisfaction does not factor into the sales equation. They've already got your money. Any post release support that isn't monetized is a waste to a corporation. That's why we got Battlefield 'premium', a full price game for what amounted to 6 months worth of modding. They are only just now getting around to fixing **** like the TV missile bug, over a year after release.

You guys are judging and asking too much of EA. We want them to be more like Valve and other companies who care about the product. But they play by an entirely different set of rules. This is the company that famously drew a line in the sand for the companies biggest release in history (Mass Effect 3) so that it would come out in the fiscal year it was promised/needed to. This is the same company that released a buggy piece of **** shooter too early because it had to come before Call of Duty. These are corporate decisions in a non corporate world. "We will never launch a game again that doesn't have a social capability [monetized] built into it." The same company that spent untold millions copying WoW out of corporate jealousy, averse to any sort of design risk, thus ensuring its failure.

EA is doomed to **** up like this because they are a corporation, and behave as one would expect them to. The CEO has worked for Sarah Lee, Clorox, PepsiCo, Häagen-Dazs and Wilson's Sporting Goods. I **** you not. It is not a gaming company. They don't make games, they make product. It's all a giant equation for them, meant to maximize shareholder equity. Why would you ever expect such an entity, one built on the backs of a duopoly and 13 year olds, to care about customers?
They are trying to fix the problem

Compare this to 2k who just took your money on MLB 2k12 and didn't bother to fix their bug which prevents people know...actually playing the game

2k, especially what they have done to MLB, deserve a lot of hate. Sure, their NBA games are good, but their MLB series is terribad.

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