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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
multiple stopped reading right there since you don't read my post, i made some bad points due to language barrier, see the mistake with rebound and deflection.. if you watch all Jagr goals, you will not see great Benn's passes, but how many 2? you are right 2 might be considered multiple, anyway, hate me all you want for liking Jagr, because i like what he brings at 41! years, yes i was't dallas fan, im sorry i didn't born in US or canada so i could be native fan of my town, i really am if that troubles you so much.

All i wanted say Benn play something completely different than whats Jagr used to, and thats EXACTLY same thing Jagr said so i think i m right about this.. i didn't say Benn is bad , alsso if you think Benn fits to Jagr then the only ignorant here is you sir.
You seriously want me to go through every play to show you more great passes? Come on. You think you would trust the people who them play more than you can.

oh and ye im really sorry the game time is at 2am - 5 am so i can't really watch games online, bash me for that, like really
I respect your drive to watch a player you love, but you really are ignorant in this matter.
I'm sure bashing you bro.

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