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03-09-2013, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
Doesn't really make sense. Why fire a coach after 15 games, but not 48?

He's not adapting his style for the team. The guy has won a Cup, no one can take that away from him. However, the team he won the Cup with wasn't even close to the same makeup as this team. There you had a veteran team with hot goaltending. Hear you have a young team with mediocre goaltending. Lavi seems like the coach you bring in to put an already contending team over the top. That's what he was when he was first hired, and if we didn't have Leighton and possibly had a better 3rd pairing, he'd have another Cup to his name. But that team is gone, and we need someone that's going to develop our players into solid NHLers, not develop players to play all-out offense. When they're not falling into early goal deficits, they're blowing leads.

I honestly don't see Laviolette not finding a job elsewhere. I think if the team continues to fizzle, going separate ways at the end of this season might be the best option for both him and the team. He's still extremely young for an NHL coach and this will not be his last job in the NHL. There are teams he's probably more apt to coach than this current Flyers team. I really like the guy, but it's just not a good fit anymore. There's no need to call attention to it by dragging it on for a year and having a guillotine hang over the guy's head whenever there's a bad loss, just let him go with some dignity, because regardless of his shortcomings all coaches of poor teams in Philadelphia become scapegoats by the end of their tenure.

I like the idea of firing a coach after 15 games because of two things. One, sometimes the team really goes on a roll (like St Louis last year or LA) after the coach is fired and two, if the new coach doesn't work, you can fire him at the end of the season and say that the coach was only interim. It's like a Mulligan. If you hire a new coach in the off season, and he doesn't work out, it's hard to fire him after one season because it makes the team look "knee-jerk" and not well planned. for as ill-planned as Holmgren sometimes seems, doing the midseason firing is a way to save face. He can have a "do over" after the season.

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