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03-09-2013, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
I may have missed the plays--but in the last ten games how much has horcoff played?

The fact he has not played shows how little understanding you have of hockey and more interested in just hating a player.

But me me guess, that last thing a Horcoff hater wants to admit is that Horcoff actually may bring something to the table when he plays
In the past 4 seasons he has played more than any other forward, why limit it to 10 games?

He is probably the worst player statistically in the league over the last 4 years (counting this one), yet he has raked in $27 million during that time period. He averages less than 12 goals per year, despite getting huge ice-time on the powerplay.

What needs to stop is posters like you who simply can't face reality, much like our management team and media like Stauffer. Some of us are fed up with the useless veterans on this team year after year, and the ******* fans who think these jokes are contributing anything but lastplace finishes. We have finished 30, 30, 29 under Captain Horcoff. The guy is a complete and total failure, and the fact that he is injured yet again this year means nothing other than he will probably be even worse when he gets back than he has been for close to 4 years now.

Horcoff isn't the answer, never has been, and the management people who have the stink of this player on them - like Tambo, Lowe, and MacT - all need to be flushed from this organization permanently.

Smyth needs to go as well.

Then, we can use their capspace on an actual veteran center who can play.

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