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Originally Posted by Leafsdude7 View Post
This whole thing with Italy makes me wonder if a team with all A+ and AA players could win in the majors because of lack of familiarity of them by their opponents.

I figure 162 games is long enough for people to figure a team out, but I think about how most teams will play each other a max of about 20 times, and I start to wonder just maybe...

Of course, in reality, it's probably true that the lack of real talent these guys have would be cancelled out by the talent of the big leaguers regardless, but it makes me wonder if familiarity or lack thereof, really is that important to success in the Majors.
Could be part of it.

I also think alot of it has to do with the fact that the minor leaguers or prospects are in much better shape at this time of year.

The major leaguers have been to ST plenty of times, they have spots locked up and nothing to worry about. A guy like Green or Orr and even Saunders have reasons to be hungry and come into ST in top shape to make an impact and impress somebody.

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