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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
Actually, by all analyses I've seen on the Devils Board and the spreadsheets on Irish Blues website ( ). the Devils are NOT over the offseason cap ($44M +10%) evein if they sign Gomez. They had ~$7.1M in cap space available. Remember, you cannot go by salary websites like TSN or the NHLPA, which just list '06-'07 Salary, not cap hit, and that the QOs for unsigned RFAs (Gionta, Martin, and Hale) have expired and do not currently count against the cap. And note that only Mogilney and Malakhov will count against the cap once the season starts - McGillis will be sent back to the AHL and his salary will not count.

Still, in all likelyhood the Devils will have to shed some salary before the season starts - likely trading Gomez, Gionta, or Rafalski, if they can't find a way to dump Mogilney's or Malkhov's cap hits.

Note to IB: You're getting too damn popular - you're geocities site is exceeding bandwidth limitations.

But to answer your questions:

A team is not allowed under the CBA to pick up salary when they trade a player. The Jagr/Rangers/Caps thing was grandfathered in from the old CBA. If a team trades for McGillis, Mogilney, or Malakhov, they will be responsible for all remaining salary and cap hit. The Devils would have to do a JR-like dump (JR + a 2nd for nothing) and give away assets or draft picks for someone to take any of the M-boys.

The Devils are free to trade McGillis and Mogilny - they were not "cut", they were waived and assigned to the AHL.

If Malakhov actually filed retirement papers he cannot be traded. If not, he is just supended, and I believe the Devils could trade him.

ZERO. See above. A team cannot trade a player and still pay part of his salary.

The NBA salary cap is a different beast than the NHL's. The NBA is based on the total annual salary of the players on the roster at any given point in time - the NHL is based on actual dollars paid and projections based on the current roster until the end of the season). The NBA is a soft cap with lots of exceptions - The NHL is a hard cap with only exceptions for injury replacement and some performance bonuses.

Trades in the NBA generally have to be salary cap neutral (+/- 15% IIRC), so teams frequently have to throw in players (even injured ones) in order for the cap numbers to balance. An NBA team over the cap (and virtually all are) could not just trade a player for a draft pick - they would have to take a warm-body and salary back to make it work. There are no cap restrictions on trades in the NHL - other than that neither team can be allowed to exceed the cap after the trade.

Cash, no. Prospects and picks, yes.

Mogilney plus a first for "future considerations" (ie nothing) or a 7th round pick whould work.

The problem though, isn't just cap room, its actual dollars. If a team trades for McGillis or Mogilney, they would also be responsible for paying the remainder of their salary. They're on one way contracts and are earning their full NHL salary in the AHL. With Malakhov (if he hasn't officially retired, which I do not think he has), there is also the risk that he might actually report to the new team, file a grievence to be unsuspended, and the new team could be on the hook for real dollars there too.

Sure, the caps could eat an additional $3.5M in cap hit for Mogilny, but could/would they be willing to pick up an additional $3.5M in real salary costs.

Unfortunately, those teams which have cap room also tend to be teams with budget constraints (which is likely why they have all that cap room). A team would have to pay through the nose in a salary dump in order to make it worthwhile for them to pick up the additional real salary costs.
The interesting case is if they can get one of those players to agree to retire but only after a trade... For example, trade alex mogilny and a first round pick to the penguins for a second round pick. After the trade alex mogilny retires... Cap hit is Pittsburgh's (not a problem) and salary isn't paid because player is retired... Pittsburgh gets a higher draft pick in return for helping out the devils...

Trick of course is to get Mogilny to agree to forgoe the rest of the $ owed him...

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