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03-09-2013, 09:16 PM
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- Did Matt Cooke even dress tonight?

- On a positive note, I think Kennedy is playing better. His value is moving upward, which is good.

- I HATE the fact teams like Toronto wear us down. I know hits are unofficial and largely subjective but CBC showed late in period 3 that the hits were something like 30-27 Leafs. And it sure looked that way, too.

-I hate even more the fact both superstars took huge hits tonight. This SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. Trade Glass to Buffalo for Scott. Trade Vitale to Minnesota for Konopka. This B.S. has to stop.

- I am pretty sure Eaton sat tonight because we play back to backs this weekend. I'm sure he'll be back in tomorrow night, and quite honestly we need him. Course, Disco only scratches two D-men and Bortuzzo is already out so, we all know who sits tomorrow.

- Phil Kessel was free to do whatever the hell he wanted in the third period. Completely unacceptable on so many levels.

- Fleury is completely untrustworthy. Seriously, as long as he's our starter, we'll always be a little behind all the main Cup contenders. He fights pucks he has no business fighting!

I wish we fought opponents the way Fleury fights the puck.

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