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03-09-2013, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
Stern was pretty clear that he wants that bid with a $$$ offer close to hansen's and an arena plan done by the 3rd of April.

Stern confirms what KJR mitch said a couple days ago that Sacramento's offer was quite low.

If they can't get a close enough the NBA BOG will not consider it. So why the heck did mastrov not come up with a higher offer than low balling it?

They have 3 and half weeks to get everything done that is not a lot of time.

When a deadline is given that means things aren't looking good.
Except the problem is that what you said was not and is not what Stern said. blah blah blah there is essentially no bid from Sacramento. False. You were exaggerating the truth of the matter which my deleted post pointed out in a very simple manner. Yes he won't consider the current offer but that doesn't mean that the bid wasn't there or that there is no Sacramento bid. That's just plain wrong.

And again, saying that it was quite low is false. That is what your assumption is and Stern said nothing that confirms that.

The reality of the matter is that it is not possible for Mastrov to know exactly what Hansen is offering and what the NBA may find competitive for a Sacramento bid because, something you have failed to realize constantly, it is a different standard for the basis of the deal.

Yeah, they have til April 3rd to figure it out but you're lying to yourself if you believe that they aren't close on a lot of the issues and no not everything has to be done...the only thing that needs to be done is the money being close enough to appease the NBA.

One quote you just happened to overlook was that Stern had said exactly what was told to you by me that the Maloofs, as a seller, don't get to decide to move the franchise before getting out. That the NBA will decide who owns this team and where it is played.

It'll still probably be Seattle but not because of the PSA or any of that. It'll be what the NBA finds as the best deal for one of their franchises.

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