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03-09-2013, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by TheMadHatTrick View Post
This whole bashing of Gardiner is hilarious. The "if he was so good he'd be in the NHL period" line of thinking smacks of ignorance and agenda driven trolling, especially when they ignore the entire context. Remember when Bobby Ryan was playing in the AHL for salary/cap reasons when he was clearly an NHL level player. Remember when Kadri couldn't buy a call up last year, even when he was dominating the AHL, cause Burke and Wilson didn't like him?

There are extenuating circumstances as to why Gardiner is in the A.

1) Gardiner was coming off a concussion, and isn't playing up to his usual level. (Same thing happened to Van Riemsdyk with the Flyers last year).
2) Carlyle has an obsessive need to have all defencemen on their strong side.
3) The team is playing well (top 10 in PK and top 15 in PP) meaning no one deserves to lose their spot in the lineup.

Their are only three defencemen in the lineup that Gardiner could possibly replace in Carlyle's system (i.e. lefties, Phaneuf, Fraser, Gunnarson).

Phaneuf: he's not replacing the Captain obviously.

Fraser: Leads the team in +/- and brings a completely different style of play from Gardiner.

Gunnarson: Is arguably our best defensive defenceman, and would have to pass through waivers to be sent down, and would almost certainly be claimed. Why throw away an asset with solid value like Gunnarson for nothing, when we could keep both until a spot opens up through trade or injury.

Could Gardiner replace Kotska, Franson, or Holzer? Of course he could, but Carlyle refuses to have a left with left defensively. Otherwise you're arguing that those three are better than Gardiner, in which case you clearly don't watch our team, so what's the point discussing it.
I do remember when Bobby Ryan was in the AHL for cap reasons. What I'd like to know is if you can tell me when Carlyle became GM of Anaheim, because I'm fairly sure that cap management is not really the coach's responsibility. Is Gardiner in the AHL for cap reasons? Because that isn't a reason you listed, so I'm kind of curious how it has any relevance at all.

When I look through your list, it all boils down to "Gardiner isn't good enough to force the issue yet." and that's fine. He's a young player with his career ahead of him. But all of this crap about a winning team and defensemen on their strong side... Carlyle has shown a willingness to step away from those tendencies when he felt it made the team better. This isn't a knock against Gardiner. It's just a reality of being a young player. There is room for growth. There is room for improvement. Maybe the team just feels he's better off in the AHL for now. It doesn't really matter. He isn't on the team, and it's kind of hard to call him some amazing player when this is the case.

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