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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I'd fall into the never take a RB in the 1st round unless it's a once in a generation freak like Adrian Peterson. I don't really have a problem with 2nd round RB's though.

Why are you so against WR's in round one? Is it an overall philosophy that applies to every team or just with the Steelers because of their success finding WR's in the mid-late rounds?

I agree about Warmack and Jackson. That would get the running game back on track in a hurry.
I don't think anything a wideout brings, unless you're looking at a Calvin Johnson, needs to have a 1st round pick spent on him. There is so very little difference between receivers drafted in the 1st round, and receivers drafted later, IMO. I'd rather take a guy later who doesn't have the measurables, but has the hands, and football savvy. I think with receivers especially, teams get sooo caught up in the cattle call process that they forget...dude has to be able to catch balls.

The success the organization has had drafting wideouts probably does have a little to do with my philosophy.

And oddly enough, wideout is the only position on the field, aside from kicker, where I would probably be completely against spending a 1st round pick on a player. I think with runningbacks, you look for those guys with vision, and can have that vision with the physical skillset. People hated the Mendenhall pick, but he was a surefire 1st round talent, IMO. Size, skill, vision, strength. He just had a 2 cent brain.

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