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03-09-2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by rj View Post
I disagree.

I can't put together the traditional amateur ethos of the Olympics with the professional athletes they use now as their way of staying relevant, paying nothing to the organizations those athletes are in or the athletes themselves, the mega sponsorship dollars that flows into the IOC, the massive chemicalization the athletes in some sports do that everyone just conveniently ignores for 2 weeks (cough*athletics*cough), how cities bankrupt themselves to host the event building all this infrastructure that in a lot of cases will never be used again, just for a 2-week long binge drinking party while the bribery and kickbacks were once as bad as what FIFA is now that the IOC for once in their existance carried out reforms. Look at the current state of Greece, wouldn't it have been better for them to have never hosted in 2004? And now you as a Finnish taxpayer are helping pay for their largesse that they could not afford, all so they could watch some guys do the steeplechase who based on your post said shouldn't be paid anything because their sport is not popular.
I ain't paying much in taxes. Part time worker for the mail service and a very low tax percentage due to not being in the church.

No, I said Finnish OC doesn't exactly get much in return but that is more a an issue with the quality of trainers, because Finland has fallen far behind in that area. And why mention steeplechase? Our last athletics gold medal (2006 European Championships) came from that event.

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