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Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
Also, Kimbrel doesn't have the best two year period of any reliever in history...

Eric Gagne does, and frankly it can be turned into a three year period.
Kimbrel is the best reliever in the game today (not named Rivera), so there's not much else for me say.

Beyond that

Eric Gagne's 2 year stretch and Kimbrel's are very comparable. Besides save #'s, Kimbrel is either around or better than Gagne in every advanced stat. Not to mention in only 2 1/4 seasons, Kimbrel has already posted a 6.2 WAR compared to Gagne's 11 WAR over 10 seasons. Longevity is nice and all, but if we're assuming that a player is playing at their peak ability, than Kimbrel is far from being a stretch IMO. Besides, he isn't even my closer.

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