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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
It pains to me admit this but the loss of Horcoff killed RNH's game. He is just not ready for the minutes he has been forced to play. This team is hurting his development. Gagner should be playing the tough minutes because he has far more experience than think its ugly watching RNH play those minutes? I promise it would be a whole lot uglier if Gagner played them. Thats why I am not all hot and bothered like some posters about how well Gagner is doing. He SHOULD be doing as well as he is all things considered.
He is this season where he should have been last season.

Yak should be in the AHL playing top line minutes and learning what not to do.

J Schultz should not be in the top 4...thats whats killing his confidence. He is not ready for those minutes. On this team they have no choice but to force him into top 4 minutes. Its a damn shame and a competent GM would have other options for the coach.
Not Tambo though.

As for Paajarvi...I think he is looking much stronger and its really good to see. He looks like he has found his place which is much more than can be said for a lot of other young players.
Agreed, Horc isn't good enough for those minutes, RNH is having a tough time playing those minutes and producing, Gagner would get slaughtered with those minutes, so what's the plan?

I wanted Justin Schultz to not be used at all on the PK this season and while only Whitney on D plays less on the PK than Schultz, IMO he shouldn't be on there unless we have 2 D in the box or injuries mid game. 3rd pairing at ES and top PP minutes should be what they pursue at this point. The problem with that? That means that Corey Potter jumps into our top 4 That means that he's a defacto top 4 defenseman, so in the interim stop playing him on the PK at the very least.

Paajarvi's resurgence has been one of very few positives this season, hopefully he can keep it up and establish himself as a full time NHLer and he works hard in the offseason and comes back even stronger and better.


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