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03-09-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Clearly haven't listened to Macklemore have yoy? Thrift shop is the worst song he made and by far. Another close one is And we danced. For the rest, they're all pretty good songs. I've been listening to him for two years now and I was really sad when he came out with Thrift Shop... I guess you have to make the step one day or the other.

People think that because some band sells a lot it means they're pop. I've heard people saying Metallica was pop more than once. Pop-thrash metal man

Jesus you should really feel bad.

Oh and the hate for Green day is too damn high.
You gotta go further than what plays on the radio and listen to the damn whole albums. I hate this.
I have listened to Macklemore's entire repertoire. He is not a good rapper.

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