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03-10-2013, 12:21 AM
NHL is rigged
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Originally Posted by Real_Estate-Agent View Post
For the record - it is on the record for those willing to search my HFBoards posts - I was 100% opposed to Katz buying the team from EIG.

Those in favor claimed Katz would spend to the cap annually to guarantee a winner - we are presently in the bottom 25% is salary expenditures once again. And in the bottom 10% in the standings.

Actually, now that I think about it - Katz has done a great job as the owner. None of the players on my slo-pitch team misses any games in May to attend playoff games; my apologizes Daryl...
Have to agree. I was very against Katz buying the team, 1 guy in charge generally creates problems because its either his way or nothing. When you have multiple owners you need a consensus to get things done and generally smarter decisions are made that way.

With all of the Katz supporters the complete opposite has happened.

1. We don't spend to the cap
2. We're not competitive
3. we've enjoyed the worse years in franchise history under him
4. The guy threatened to move to seattle (life long Oiler fan I thought?)
5. Bent over the city for the arena deal, then when he couldn't get 6 mil a year in free money threatens to move!? (sorry that the sweet deal you had was not enough).

The funny part is i've actually served him at a restaurant and he seemed like a nice guy, however, his actions are extremely questionable.

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