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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
Very well said. Spott is the coach and GM of this team. Its composition is entirely on him. You can't strip the team of any toughness and then cry when opponents push you around.

Hockey has been the same in that regard for 100 years. You don't have to be goon squad or be dirty, but you sure as heck better not be soft and easy to intimidate. Spott has been crying the same song about OHL officials for years, so you have to ask yourself who the stupid one is. What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Well then, why would Spott still expect the officials to protect them and keep them from getting pushed around? Hell, even if they penalize the guy, it doesn't make our team healthy. This is on Spott. When you have no players who can respond, you get what you get.

Great post!! Ward Cornell's post was bang on too!!

How embarassing was that last night?

If ever there was a time for someone to take 2, 5, and 10, it's when Ben Fanelli is the victim who is visibly concussed due to a dirty hit from behind. Instead, we get virtually no response. The players on the ice didn't even make their level of "give-a-care" (to quote Fixter from a few weeks ago) look convincing.

Then, in the 3rd period, Ben Thomson, our tough guy who is the guy who usually stands up for his teammates, is given a dirty head check by Greg Sutch that left him stretched out dazed on the ice. Again, we get nothing.

Boy oh boy is this team ever soft!! We got softer at the deadline too with Genovese going to the Wolves. No way DeBoer includes him in that deal unless Sefton comes the other way. It was already a huge deal. Spott should have made it a bit bigger.

I watched the Saginaw/Guelph game tonight. Saginaw's Justin Kea took out Matt Finn with a knee on knee that earned him 5 and the game for kneeing. The response from the Storm? Pedan immediately earned 2, 5 and 10 for scrapping Kea - you know, the kind of thing Spott frowns on. But then, that's the response of a tough team. A team and coach that care enough about a fallen team mate to do something about it.

What was Spott afraid of? Is he worried that the Rangers, the 4th best team in the league on the PK, can't kill off a penalty against Saginaw's 17th best PP? The easiest penalty to kill off is a 2, 5, and 10 earned in situations like these.

A couple posters on Rangersrush pointed out that some Ranger players went after Trafford and Sutch at the times of the hits but couldn't get to them because of the officials. What a crock! They couldn't even make it look convincing! Also, the Fanelli hit happened in the second period and the Thomson ht halfway through the 3rd. There was lots of time to send a message to either player. Instead, the Rangers pretty much spent the rest of the game acting as if nothing happened.

It seems that Spott would rather pay fines for complaining about the refs instead of icing a team capable of standing up for themselves, or allowing the couple capable guys we do have, to do so.

Now we're down our best defensive d-man for nobody knows how long. We're going into the playoffs and it's only going to get rougher because the book is out on the Rangers. Run them out of the building physically and they will fold. Finish every check, take liberties with the skilled players and don't worry about taking penalties because the Rangers PP scares no body!!

If I'm coaching against the Rangers, I have my players knock Gibson around as much as possible. The odd penalty won't matter because the Rangers PP won't hurt us.

We put the 8th place Spirit on the PP eight times and only scored twice. Those aren't good odds against an 8th place team.

I fear the worst come playoff time.

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