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03-10-2013, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Rede View Post
My thinking was actually Voracek+Couturier for Luongo+Schroeder. Alberts and Leighton were added to offset salary and fill extra goalie position. (Ballard/Coburn was probably just complicating things for no reason in hindsight.)

I guess it comes down to how much value you place on Luongo and from the number of '<' characters you included when comparing Leighton to Luongo I think we differ pretty dramatically - but no desire to turn this into a Luongo thread so let's just not go there. I like Lu's contract more than Bryz's though
Your proposal was still a terrible one. Voracek is on a great contract and is an incredible winger with all the tools and he's breaking out in a big way; he holds more value than Luongo quite easily. Likewise, Couturier is way more valuable than Schroeder. It's slightly better without Alberts, Leighton, Ballard, and Coburn, but it's still bad. The very least you could do is make it Schneider instead of Luongo so you're not totally boning us, but still that would be a bad deal for Philly.

As far as Luo goes, if not for the contract, I would've added 20 more "<"s on to the value there, but Leighton is a UFA who is gone after this season, while Luo's contract runs till 2022, aka until he's 43. That's going to be a terrible burden down the line if his team doesn't buy him out. It got even worse when the NHL got rid of the "stash the player in the minors" cap loophole. He's a great goalie on a terrible contract, but that contract (and Luo's age) kills his value. If a team trades for him and he retires early too... ouch w/ this new recapture thing.

Like you, I'd prefer not to make this a Luo thread, but I just had to say that little piece there about him. I want no parts of Luo, regardless of the price. I think I speak for most Philly fans when I say that one 9 year contract to a headcase goalie was enough. We don't want to relive the experience, we want to buyout Bryz and move on and by "move on", I don't mean replace Bryz's contract with an equally bad one.

Originally Posted by Rede View Post
AKA Jeff Carter for Roberto Luongo and Jordan Schroeder (for perspective).
Since the initial trade, Jeff Carter took a definitive dip in terms of his value. His production went down significantly. Then Columbus's first turned into Sean Couturier (which increased its' value considerably), Sean Couturier made the team as a rookie and was incredible in a shutdown role (which again increased his value), and meanwhile, Jake Voracek broke out into a PPG winger and is far and away the best player on the Flyers' this season (which represents a massive increase in his value).

To try and make this out to be Jeff Carter for Luo + Schroeder is just silly and is totally ignoring the changes in value.

It would be the same as me offering Simon Gagne straight up for Cory Schneider and explaining the trade as "22nd overall pick for 26th overall pick".

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