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Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
I don't deny your right to have an opinion and as someone who obviously has engaged in fighting at a high level I respect what you are saying and where you are coming from.

Having said that I spoke to several former Soviet hockey players for my book on the 74 summit. Are you really saying that even though they played hockey at the very highest level possible (Olympics, Summits, etc) they can't have an educated opinion on fighting just because their leagues severely punished players who engaged in it? If so I would really struggle accepting that. I mean I read Vladislav Tretiak's two books - are you really saying that his written opinion on fighting isn't valid because he didn't play regularly in the WHA or NHL or Major Junior? Or the opposite - how do you respond to such people as Harry Sinden, Ken Dryden, Ander Hedberg, etc who did and do not support fighting?

Craig Wallace

I think you will ultimately find many people who support both sides of the spectrum. But we as fans/players and authors in your case have to realize that at the NHL level it is no longer just a sport. It is a money making machine, and in todays day and age the major sports have to compete for the attention of fans across the board. And fighting will always bring certain fans, attract new ones and keep the old ones who enjoy it around.

No one likes seeing someone injured from a fight, but same with a hit, puck in the face etc etc.....but it is an exciting part of the game, as the posts above say, we do still have some animal instinct in humans, and fight or flight still exists in our bodies.

It doesn't matter what I say, because you don't like the fighting aspect of the sport, but the sport doesn't actually matter as much as it used to, its the action that draws the fans that matters. And fighting right now still gets people standing up and cheering.....

Went to a WHL game tonight, heard 3 people say "oh I hope we see some fights" I think people still enjoy that part of it, even if they say they don't.

And if you don't like the they say in "FUBAR" the movie...

"I suggest you try a new knitting"

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