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03-10-2013, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
As he said, if you didn't see this from PK last year, then you just underestimated and misread him.
PK was great last year.

I don't see how playing with Gorges last year means he had the same teammates.
Outside the DD line, nothing worked.
On the PP, we wanted him to be the QB and the shooter.
We had absolutely no system under RC. The game plan always seemed to be, dump it out of the zone, and dump/chase in the offensive zone.
That obviously doesn't favor a guy like PK.

Still, he did very well playing big minutes versus tougher opponents.

This year, he seems a bit more poised and disciplined. But his overall game hasn't improved greatly.
Not winding up so much is a tiny detail, one that can go a long way, but it's not a major flaw.
If you consider this to have been one of his major flaws, then it should tell you that this kid was one hell of a Dman.
not really, no.

not greatly but he did improve, and he's showing signs he's trying hard to add more to his toolbox even though attempts arent always succesful (reason I said he's slowly becoming great, not that he is already)

huh, what are you talking about ? I did mention Emelin, Diaz, Moen, Gionta, etc.. ON TOP of Gorges... reading 101.

the issues become major flaws when you add them, not when you look at them one by one, difference between god and great is rarely due to only one thing.

it was telling me that he had great POTENTIAL actually, not that he was already great.

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