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03-10-2013, 03:48 AM
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Blackhawks' streak v. Ducks streak (2006-2007, 12-0-4)

Here's how bored I am on a Saturday. I get to write my opinions of the Blackhawk's streak vs. the Ducks' run from that one pretty good year we had a few years ago.

1) Both streaks were really impressive. The # of come-from-behind wins the Hawks had this year or come-from-behind ties they had to earn to get at least a point is pretty remarkable. You just saw replays of Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Saad, etc. absolutely clutch for that team night after night. The Ducks' was also really impressive, they came out as being extremely dominant against teams, with HOF-calibre defense and Getzlaf and Perry really starting to emerge into true form.

2) Unbreakability. For a while, I thought the Ducks were not going to have that record broken since they broke the record from an extremely powerful Edmonton team, so I thought having 16 games in a row to start a season without a regulation loss was utterly incredible. But now that the Blackhawks went 24 games, I don't see that record being broken within the forseeable future. Teams have way more parity than they did 20 years ago, proving my point moreso about how much I thought how awesome the streak the '07 Ducks put together was.

3) This is great for us too from a marketability standpoint. I think we don't get a tremendous amount of coverage for being on the West coast. We've won the cup already so we're not heavily scrutinized or advertised as San Jose as far as California teams go. Now that the Kings won their cup, we're back in the fueled So-Cal rivalry discussion with the Kings since we now have both won a cup and are both extremely high in the standings (between the two teams). Add these facts, to the Hawk's streak ending. The Ducks' story is largely considered the biggest undercovered story of the NHL this year: new additions, trades, contracts, Selanne, 3rd line are stories that have been mentioned during games, but now I think the Ducks will be more covered and televised on big networks like NHL network and (god forbid) ESPN. Maybe some trade board HF'ers will finally be able to see their first Ducks games instead of offering up Perry for scraps.

TL;dr. Both were awesome, the Blackhawks one prob wont be broken for a while, and the Ducks will now be the main story on TV (for hockey).

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