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07-26-2006, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Drive425 View Post
Lou doesn't have much of a choice and any GM worth his paycheck knows it. He's painted himself into a corner and he will pay dearly.
And I'm sure not as dearly as alot of people are hoping, what Lou gets back for Gomez - if he was to trade him - depends not how desperate he is - if he is at all - but how big of a market there is. It's supply and demand man, if you guys, Phoenix, Colorado and the other teams who might be interested in Gomez will determine what Lou gets in return.

And if Lou can't get close to fair value for Gomez chances I'm sure he'll look to dump salary else where instead and wait till the trading deadline to see if he can get better value then considering there are probably going to be alot of teams who will feel that a rental of Gomez could put them over the top.

Originally Posted by Drive425 View Post
It's trade him or lose him for nothing. I say it couldn't happen to a more deserving GM!
Why is that?

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