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03-10-2013, 04:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarome Iginla View Post
Darryl is the perfect guy for the Kings, a big and fast team exactly how he likes it

Glad to see him have success else where
Gentlemen and Ladies, Kings fan coming in peace and with respect.

I was at tonight's game and sat in the last row of where the Flames shot twice but I really like that vantage point. The other end would of course be superior, but oh well.

Thank you for the compliment on Darryl, we all love him and he is priceless on interviews and the comments he makes as I'm sure you all remember.

Your team had a number of brilliant flashes and the two goals scored were things of beauty. Cammi I think loves to score against us! We used to call him "the midget" haha.

There were a number of times where the Flames had a good forecheck going and kept the Kings' handsful. Also the 5-3 PP but that's where the game turned.

I honestly kept looking for your #12 but he just didn't seem to be a factor. If you rebuild, sometimes you have to let go ala Rob Blake for the Kings and others. One word: youth.

Darryl, Richards and Carter were the final keys to our cup win but there were many other nuances involved which also were critical.

Good luck to you guys if you rebuild, just don't get married to Iginla if you rebuild and if you are get ready for the divorce. He doesn't have the time left to wait.

Also, Jackman got the better of Clifford but you could see that coming all night. See ya'll Monday.

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