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03-10-2013, 05:49 AM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by Bluesman91 View Post
Do you think the Blues could move up in the draft by trading their 1st, Ottawa's 2nd and possibly a prospect like Rattie or Jaskin top try to draft a center?
It's safe to say the Blues aren't winning their division. Thus, if they make the playoffs their pick will be in the 15-24 range UNLESS they make the conference finals or Cup finals. We're talking about a draft day trade so we'd know our spot. At the moment, the Blues would have the 19th overall pick, and Ottawa's 2d would be 51st overall. (It does not appear that the Spezza/Karlsson injuries have affected them in the slightest.)

So what's the value of the difference between #19 overall and whatever overall pick they'd need to draft this targeted center? That's the question. Moving up 2-5 spots is much more doable (and wouldn't require a Rattie/Jaskin payment). Moving up into the top 5 is going to require quite a bit. It also is very specific to the team with whom you want to trade. They have to be ok at center but needy on the wings if Rattie or Jaskin is part of the deal. Since this is purely a futures-for-futures suggestion, the target team might think, "you know what, let's take the sure thing elite prospect versus two very good prospects plus one good prospect." Kind of like how offering three first rounders to the Hawks for Kane was rejected, not because those three first rounders didn't have value (Perron, Halak and Cole were what the picks turned into), but because when you're dealing with prospects there's always uncertainty.

For this reason, Jarmo and JD in Columbus would probably rather have the quality over the quantity, since we know that in the Blues' rebuilding mode they would have preferred Kane to all those picks. Edmonton doesn't need any wingers, they need a second center after RNH (and move Gagner to 3C). Buffalo may or may not feel good about the center positon after last year's draft. Aside from Hodgson, nobody at center is very good for them right now. If Philly falls farther, maybe they don't want to draft a center (they have a bunch). Florida might feel ok at center. Who knows what Colorado will do given their center situation? Yet those teams who don't need a center do need D. Florida needs D, Colorado needs D, Philly needs D (though they never seem to draft 'em high), Edmonton badly needs D. Washington has Backstrom now and Kuznetsov someday. Ribiero may or may not be there and that might affect things. All of this is just to say it's very specific to what position you feel you need to reach and the specific needs of the crappy teams who wind up drafting that high.

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