Thread: Post-Game Talk: NJ drops another one in NC
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03-10-2013, 07:56 AM
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I love Moose and all, but at this point when I see him in goal I assume he is giving up 5.

He'll be rock solid for like 12 minutes, then flood gates and a poopshow.

Our D has serious issues for sure (most are slow and offensively challenged, and a few defensively challenged as well), but at the end of the day this team has always survived on goaltending and we just aren't getting any.

On offense we are actually creating chances and often out shooting our opponents, but our Achilles heel is that we have literally no one who can finish around the net. (The loss of traitor boy really showing itself here more than anything.)

We are like the anti-Islanders in that regard. They get no offensive zone time, but bury everything that gets loose in the crease.

We'll cycle for days, put all kinds of pressure on the opposing D and then completely spazz out when ever there is a puck loose in front.

Clarkson isn't finding his way into the difficult areas with nearly the same frequency as earlier in the season (and often has his back to the play for some reason) and Henrique has largely quit doing his Parise impression from last season and hardly ever parks in front.

Carter seems like the only guy crashing the net, and he has flat out terrible hands.

Bernier and Lokti have been opportunistic, but neither can carry a team or win a game by themselves.

Zubrus isn't much of an upgrade, whenever he may return, as he has stone hands as well, but at least he will cause his fair share of havoc in the dirty areas. I was hoping Poni would take that page in the playbook, but he hasn't gotten his nose nearly dirty enough.

And I will defend Zajac all day, every day (his back checking saved at least two goals in this debacle), and he is the only player we got who can win a draw, and he even played more physical than usual this time out, but damn he is off his offensive game and is not creating for himself or anyone else.

Add the occasional uncharacteristic penalty, and Travis is playing like a minus player instead of the Selke caliber two way center his is capable of being. (That and his contract making him the scapegoat here on HF, oh joy.)

It does appear Kovy is right on the cusp of being Kovy (not a moment too soon), and was the closest thing we had to a player carrying the team on his back this particular night.

We need him to have one of those hot streaks where he goes all " beast mode" and gets like 8 game winners in the next 11 games.

Because "defense and systems" isn't going to carry the day until Marty gets healthy, the last 8 games proving that without any doubt.

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