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The Basics
Nickname: Three Finger
Position: Starting Pitcher
Jersey Number: N/A
Years of Service: 1903-1916
Teams He Played For: Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds

Career Statistics

Games: 481
Games Started: 332 (225th all-time)
Wins: 239 (57th all-time)
Losses: 130
Win-Loss Percentage: .648 (30th all-time)
ERA: 2.06 (6th all-time)
Innings Pitched: 3172.1 (109th all-time)
Strikeouts: 1375 (232nd all-time)
Base on Balls: 673
Saves: 49
Complete Games: 271 (60th all-time)
Shutouts: 55 (14th all-time)
K/BB Ratio: 2.04
WHIP: 1.066 (9th all-time)
H/9: 7.7 (49th all-time)
HR/9: 0.1 (60th all-time)
BB/9: 1.9 (71st all-time)
K/9: 3.9
Wins Above Replacement: 53.0 (210th all-time)
Pitcher WAR: 51.7 (73rd all-time)

Playoff Statistics

Games: 9
Games Started: 7
Wins: 5
Losses: 4
Win-Loss Percentage: .556%
ERA: 2.97
Innings Pitched: 57.2
Strikeouts: 35
Base on Balls: 13
Saves: 0
Complete Games: 5
Shutouts: 3
K/BB Ratio: 2.69
WHIP: 1.092
H/9: 7.8
HR/9: 0.0
BB/9: 2.0
K/9: 5.5


Inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame (1949)
World Series Champion (1907, 1908)
Retroactive Cy Young via Baseball-Statistics (1906, 1909, 1910)
Retroactive NL MVP via Baseball-Statistics (1906)
Wins (1,2,2,2,5,7,9)
ERA (1,2,2,2,3,3,5,8)
WHIP (1,1,1,2,2,2,5,10)
Strikeouts (4,6,6,8,9)
Saves (1,1,1,1,2,2,4,7)
Shutouts (1,1,2,2,4,6,7)
Complete Games (1,1,6,9)
Wins Above Replacement (3,4,5,9)
WAR for Pitchers (2,2,3,5,5,10)

Records Held

Lowest ERA, right-hander, season (since 1893), 1.04, 1906
Lowest ERA, career of any pitcher with 200 wins, 2.06

Voting Records

1911: 17th (6%)
1913: 27th (2%)

*The award came in before the 1911 season, after the Prime of Brown's career.

Leading the League

Games: 1909, 1911
Wins: 1909
ERA: 1906
Complete Games: 1909, 1910
Shutouts: 1906, 1910
Saves: 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911
Innings Pitched: 1909
WHIP: 1906, 1907, 1910
H/9: 1904, 1908

What Did the Experts Say?

Originally Posted by BR Bullpen
Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown lost part of several fingers in a childhood farming accident. The accident apparently helped him to throw pitches that had unusual properties. Brown's 2.06 lifetime major league ERA is one of the top ERA's of all time. He had 239 victories along with 49 saves, leading the league once in wins and several times in saves (although not an official statistic at the time).

Brown was the top pitcher on the Chicago Cubs staff during their greatest years, in the deadball era. It was not easy to be the best on a team that had a full rotation of excellent pitchers, but Brown was in the top five in the league in ERA each year from 1904 to 1910.
Originally Posted by Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)
Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown, best known today for his unusual name and his more or less descriptive nickname of "Three Finger," was the ace right-hander of the great Chicago Cub teams of the first decade or so of the twentieth century. With Brown leading an extraordinary pitching staff, the Cubs from 1906 through 1910 put together the greatest five-year record of any team in baseball history. His battles with the Giants' Christy Mathewson epitomized the bitter rivalry between two teams that just about matched each other man for man.

During the Deadball Era defense was king. The ball didn't travel far, unlike today, and low scoring games were common. Teams couldn't afford costly errors. Mordecai was an excellent fielder. In 1908 he handled the ball without error in 108 chances.

The Cubs in those days were a rowdy bunch. Fights in the clubhouse were common, sometimes landing players in the hospital. But Brown was well respected.
Originally Posted by Ty Cobb on Brown's Curveball
It was the most devastating pitch I ever faced.
Originally Posted by Ty Cobb
Miner' Brown is one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball, and a remarkable fielder at all times.
Originally Posted by Christy Mathewson
Brown is my idea of the almost perfect pitcher..It will usually be found at the end of a season, that he has taken part in more key games than any other pitcher in baseball.
Originally Posted by Christy Mathewson
A catchers efficiency as a thrower depends largely on the pitcher's ability to have good enough control of the ball, to be able to pitch out when necessary. Brown helps a catcher by the way he watches the bases, not permitting the runners to take any lead on him.
Originally Posted by Johnny Evers
He had plenty of nerve, ability, and willingness to work under any conditions. He was charitable and friendly to his foes.
Originally Posted by Fergie Jenkins
It's interesting that Mordecai Brown pitched fifty years before I showed up, and yet we stood on the same field. We both hurled a ball toward a batter standing in virtually the same location...... We both won a lot of games for the Cubs; he won the second highest number of games for the club, and I'm number five. We both managed to pitch several shutouts in the Windy City. It's my honor to have been the pitcher who broke one of Three Finger's records. Until I finished my sixth consecutive season of more than 20 wins, in 1972, Mordecai had been the only Cub to do it.
Originally Posted by Orval Overall
When it comes to smoothing over internal troubles, and patching up trouble spots on a ball club, Brown is a thirty-three degree diplomat...Brown, to my way of thinking, is the most courageous pitcher in the history of baseball....Cool as a deep-sea fish and brave as a lion, nothing fazes him.
Originally Posted by Joe Tinker
Old Mordecai Brown is a wonder in every way.
Originally Posted by Frank Chance
Let's get one run ahead with Brown in the box, and we are sure to win.
Originally Posted by Jimmy Archer
One time I was warming up Brown and Bill Klem, the umpire, pushed me aside. He put a piece of paper the size of a half dollar on the ground. ‘ That's the only target that fellow needs to pitch to', Klem said, and he was right.
Originally Posted by Gordie Gillespie
Let's hang their names from the flagpole at Wrigley to properly honor their greatness. Pitching has always been the ‘name of the game', and they certainly would add further grandeur to the Cubs at Wrigley Field.
What Did he Say?

Originally Posted by Mordecai Brown
That old paw served me pretty well in its time. It gave me a firmer grip on the ball, so I could spin it over the hump. It gave me a greater dip.
Originally Posted by Mordecai Brown on Best Game he Ever Played (Playoff Championship Game against Giants)
I was about as good that day as I ever was in my life.
Originally Posted by Mordecai Brown in Response to Threats Made Towards him by Giants Fans
Threats! They can't win with those.

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