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03-10-2013, 08:17 AM
Mike Emrick
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Originally Posted by DrFeelgood View Post
The good:
+Better regional trading; sharing resources, utilities and services with other cities in the region is more robust
+It looks prettier
+Individual Sims in the city seemingly live "real" lives, you can follow them around on their commute and to other places. Each Sim is simulated individually (rather than only seeing them when zoomed in and were a graphical representation and not a true simulation)
+Building roads is more robust, curved roads and all roads are easily upgrade-able

The bad:
-Always online
-Smaller maps; geared more towards building multiple cities in a region rather than a sprawling metropolis
-No local saving
-Some of the AI is buggy, especially if you don't manage your road placement rather meticulously
-The server outages on launch caused loads of problems with regional sharing and saving cities properly, you're at the mercy of the servers for a lot of the gameplay. I've not had as bad an experience with this as some other people and it's seemingly getting better by the day.
-No subway system

You also don't have to do placement of utilities like power and sewage lines, depending on who you ask this can be good or bad

With all of that being said, i'm really enjoying it... server issues aside.
Like I've been saying, the game is fine other than server issues

There are cons, but no game is perfect. It is playable once you get past the server aspect.

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