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03-10-2013, 08:37 AM
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The last expansion draft was in the year 2000, for two teams: Columbus and Minnesota.

In the 2000 expansion draft, teams were allowed to protect either:
- one goaltender, five defensemen, and nine forwards
- two goaltenders, three defensemen, and seven forwards

This differs VASTLY from the 1992 Expansion Draft (our draft), in which teams were allowed to protect two goaltenders and fourteen position players. The Sens and Lightning were pretty screwed from that draft, and the garbage team Ottawa iced that year was a major motivating force to changing the rules of the expansion draft the next year for Anaheim and Florida.

... so, assuming we're working with the 2000 expansion draft rules:
- First and second year pros were exempt.
- At least one defenceman left unprotected by each team had to have appeared in at least 40 games in the 1999–2000 season or 70 games in the 1998–99 season and 1999–2000 seasons combined. At least two forwards left unprotected by each team had to have met the same requirements (or at least, that's as per Wikipedia).

The thing is, we're already 2 CBA's older than the last expansion team, so I imagine they'd shuffle up expansion rules a bit. Probably not a major re-working, but a tweak here or there might be expected.

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