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Originally Posted by Hawks3 View Post
This is the OHL not the London Knights league. You think they will win the OHL and Mem cup this year???????? Lets see in a couple of months. There are 20 teams, not 1 team. Go play in a league with yourself's and you can be the champs every year.
Like I said before EVERY team in the league/CHL deserves the right to host the Mem cup.
I would like to see your comments if the table was turned and some other team like Owen Sound or Peterborough were in your shoes.
Hooray,I agree with your post.Thanks you.There are numerous ABK (anybody but Knights)fans out there.Not because of their team but because the cockiness and arrogance of their fans and Media.Since areknights was mentioning so much non hockey related,he failed to mention the most disfunctional city council in the history of Canadian politics.

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