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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
I think the NHL will somehow find a way to keep this team in place for at least another season. Realignment sugggests it is not going East any time soon. There's no evidence of any viable options elsewhere except in the medium to long term. The franchise has somehow survived in situ so long that it may have outlasted the critical phase. Remarkably, despite the threats to its existence that would normally be the death knell of any fan base, game attendance is not all that bad. In fact, I think fan attendance is fairly good. Not that my opinion is worth the paper it's not even written on, I would not be at all surprised if there is no news recently because there really is no news, and the NHL will continue to own the team in Phoenix for at least another season while it continues to engineer a sale.
Here is the business side of attendance on a shortened season:

01-20-13 Against CHI (WE) - 17,363 (101.4% full) - Home Opener
01-26-13 Against LA (WE) - 14,780 (86.3% full) Bud Light Party Pack
02-02-13 Against DAL (WE) - 12,151 (71.0% full) Buck Bash
02-16-13 Against CBJ (WE) - 15,425 (90.1% full) Bud Light Party Pack/Lunch Sack Giveaway
03-02-13 Against ANA (WE) - 15,227 (88.9% full)
03-09-13 Against DAL (WE) - 15,842 (92.5% full) Bud Light Party Pack

01-23-13 Against CBJ (WD) - 8,355 (48.8% full)
01-28-13 Against NSH (WD) - 8,581 (50.1% full) SoBe Kids Free Mondays
01-30-13 Against EDM (WD) - 12,955 (75.6% full)
02-04-13 Against MIN (WD) - 9,508 (55.5% full) SoBe Kids Free Mondays
02-07-13 Against CHI (WD) - 15,096 (88.2% full)
02-18-13 Against CGY (WD) - 17,208 (100.5% full) SoBe Kids Free Mondays
02-28-13 Against MIN (WD) - 11,547 (67.4% full)
03-04-13 Against ANA (WD) - 11,024 (64.4% full) SoBe Kids Free Mondays
03-07-13 Against STL (WD) - 11,482 (67.0% full) Buck Bash

WD = Weekday; Promotions = underlined; Average Attendance = 11,751; Percentage full = 68.6 (Capacity: 17,125)
WE = Weekend; Promotions = underlined; Average Attendance = 15,131; Percentage full = 88.3 (Capacity: 17,125)

The NHL isn't engineering a sale, the City of Glendale is and it probably won't be able to keep this team in Glendale.

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