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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
Jagr has goals in 4 straight games, and a total of 5 goals in 4 games, no assists.

The last time Jagr has had 4 straight games with goals? His last year with the Rangers in 2007-2008 in his last 4 games of the regular season when he "turned it on" RIGHT before the playoffs and proceeded to score 15 points in 10 games in the play offs against the devils and his old club, the Penguins. He was leading the Playoffs in scoring at the end of the 2nd round.

It's obvious Jagr still has it. We Jagr fans had a feeling he would be awesome after he lit up the Czech league so i am not shocked to see him do this well. He just needs to find chemistry and someone who can finish his passes and he and his linemates could be over a PPG.

It was really really nice to see the 2 5-on-3 chances and seeing Jagr control the puck like that. It reminded me a lot of him as a Ranger. This is what i have been waiting to see since he returned to the NHL. The flyers totally failed at using Jagr on the Power Play or he just was bad on it for the flyers team.. he was not moving around like Jagr is doing now. Jagr used to always be in the middle of the ice for the Flyers PP and not the outside where he could control the puck and make plays. What i like most about what he is doing now, is he has confidence to hold the puck, wait for the defenders to commit to a play and he can either burn them with a cross ice pass or move in for the shot.

With that said, there is a concern in his assist area. 10 games and only 1 assist. That is pretty bad.
His assists will come. I think last night's game will serve as a big wake up call for the other big name players on the team such as Benn, Eriksson, Roy, Cole and now with Whitney coming back, they will have more help.

Like Jagr, Whitney has great vision and great playmaking ability and having both of them on the same powerplay unit will be huge.

They lost the game yesterday on the powerplay but you can tell it's starting to click.

A unit featuring Whitney, Benn, Eriksson, Roy, Cole and Jagr among others is scary on paper.

Since this is a Jagr thread, I will chime in and say that offensively, this has become Jagr's team, sure everyone wanted Benn to be the man and he has what it takes to do it, but with him just slumping a bit, Jagr is there to carry them offensively.

Benn is a very good passer and has great instincts in the offensive zone, (I'm a die hard Jagr fan myself) but people stop blaming Benn or anyone else for Jagr's low assists totals.

He will finish with more assists than goals and that you can count on. Guys stop worrying. It's a good sign though that Jagr is moving better on the ice this year and is more confident with the puck, shooting the puck like he did in New York and make great passes, it's only a matter of time before his linemates and teammates start to convert those passes into goals.

Maybe when Whitney gets back they should try splitting Jagr and Benn up? Who knows that might work for both of them better.

The biggest problem with Benn and Jagr being on the same line is that they both are big and strong, have lethal shots and pass the puck very well but they like to hold on the puck themselves except others to get open. So that is the biggest reason why they are not clicking well together. They are similar players

I think Derek Roy would be a better center for Jagr, he plays the game a bit more like Nylander used to.

I would honestly try this for the 2 top lines.

Eriksson - Roy - Jagr

Whitney - Benn - Eakin

You can pair Benn and Jagr together on the powerplay though.

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