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03-10-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
So, what do you guys think about my defence? On top of all i'm wondering if Suter is the best fit on the top pairing, i think he can hold up on a pair with Fetisov.

Slava Fetisov-Gary Suter
Paul Reinhart-Ken Morrow
Ulf Samuelsson-James Patrick
1st pairing: Fetisov is a strong, do-it-all #1 in the ATD. I've got him as the 8th best defenseman of all time, which is where he generally gets drafted. Suter is really more of a good #3 and powerplay specialist than a #2, and is especially suspect at even-strength against ATD top units. Fetisov - Suter is an outstanding 1st unit powerplay point combination, but I think they'll be a bit below average at even strength due to Suter's relative weakness in this area.

2nd pairing: Both are really #4s, and not spectacular ones. To be honest, I think Reinhart is best as an offensive bottom-pairing player. Morrow is fine, though not high-end, as the defensive conscience of a second pairing, but overall this looks to be a relatively weak unit at even strength.

3rd pairing: Strong bottom pairing. I like both of these guys in their roles, and both add value as special teams players, in different roles. Patrick - Reinhart makes a strong 2nd unit PP pairing, and Samuelsson can take a regular shift on your second unit PK. Overall, a good pair of defensemen for their roles.

- at even strength, I think this group is going to be somewhat below average because your #2, #3 and #4 defensemen are all relatively weak. But you've got a strong #1 and a good bottom pairing, so it's not a critical problem.

- the powerplay points should be very well-manned.

- you seem to be missing one penalty killer. Fetisov - Morrow is most likely your best option for the top unit, and Ulfie is a fine 2nd unit PKer, but none of the other defensemen really belong on an ATD PK. I guess you can press Gary Suter into this role, but he's not particularly strong there.

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