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Originally Posted by Hawks3 View Post
This is the OHL not the London Knights league. You think they will win the OHL and Mem cup this year???????? Lets see in a couple of months. There are 20 teams, not 1 team. Go play in a league with yourself's and you can be the champs every year.
Like I said before EVERY team in the league/CHL deserves the right to host the Mem cup.
I would like to see your comments if the table was turned and some other team like Owen Sound or Peterborough were in your shoes.

I dont think the Knights should get it every year.

I dont know if theyll win the O, its a tough thing to do, for sure. I think they have good a shot as any1, but wont be shocked at all if they dont even win the West. The are far from perfect.

Yes I think every team should get a chance to host IF their bid meets the criteria put forth.

I also think BArrie or Windsor will get it and have said so, but I also think Londons bid would be just as good if not better. Sorry that bothers people but when I look at the criteria, they COULD match up well with any1 EXCEPT for the recent hosting issue.

If Im usually reasonable in ur eyes, Ill take that as the norm instead of the one post you took issue with, decided to throw me in the river with MO (again not a fan lol) and hand clap ur own response.

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