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03-10-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Pantherfan12 View Post
I agree! I would be very disapointed to see Flash and/or Steeg traded. Honestly, if Goc,Kopecky,Flash,Steeg,or Mueller get traded,I'll have no faith in Tallon. IMHO if those players get traded after a bad,flukey lockout year then he really isn't being truthful about his "blueprint" Those players have made a huge impact on this Panthers' franchise and trading those players for more draft picks is doing exactly what every other GM has done in our organization. Those players improve our hockey club, and with the Panthers having the best prospect pool in the league thus far, adding more prospects for proven, GOOD, NHL players is just 10 steps backwards. While I think getting a top draft pick because we aren't good this season, as well as adding to that depth in the pool is important, losing players who are great players, who do the little things and make this team exciting, just because they are all having an off year is crazy. Our 1st line from last year was great,and if Weiss does stay,and Flash/Steeg aren't traded then we are looking at having them back as our #1 line and they have talent. Then we have the Hubby-Shore-Mueller line,who have been one of the only bright spots. Add in a Kopecky-Goc-Bergy line, with Matthias,Skille,Bjugstad,maybe Howden, free agent picked up, maybe top 2013 draft pick and Parros (if not traded) and we look to have a pretty decent team.

I didn't mean to rank too much but I think it's bass-akwards to take peices from this team , such as Versteeg, who was just resigned and we all loved, and trade him away for a draft pick. IMO, Versteeg is worth more than a draft pick and/or prospect.
I think you'd have to wait to see who Tallon replaces them with. What if we trade Flash and Steeg and replace them with better players in free agency? I'm not down with trading Kopecky or Mueller, but the other two can go. It's not like they are doing all that great right now. True, it's only one season, and they did play very well for most of last season. But there's no guarantee that they will replicate that season again. Versteeg in particular has very bad habits and seems to have poor hockey sense. He makes the same bad decisions over and over. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to shed some salary now and get some futures for them, and save some money for free agency.

Tallon's blueprint entails building up our prospect pool as strong as it can possibly be so that it can be self-sustaining. Flash and Steeg aren't core guys.

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