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03-10-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by massey View Post
Hooray,I agree with your post.Thanks you.There are numerous ABK (anybody but Knights)fans out there.Not because of their team but because the cockiness and arrogance of their fans and Media.Since areknights was mentioning so much non hockey related,he failed to mention the most disfunctional city council in the history of Canadian politics.
Yup our city council is a mess. NOt a fan of Joe the clown or a group of his crony councillors. Personaaly I dont have a lot of respect for him as far as it relates to his politics.

Again the non CHL events show the city can host tourneys, provincial, country and world events. Its very relevant in this process. Do you have the volunteer base, experience, good atmosphere, hotels, arena set up, organizing groups, ability to earn $? The memorial Cup is a huge 10 day event, not a single game, in n out type thing as allstar ganes et al are. So why wouldnt the committee look at these things if its in the bid?
Im sure Windsor and Barrie have done these types things as well and hopefully theyve had success as itll help their bids. Im just not familiar enough with those cities to mention the "outside CHL" events theyve hosted, but due to lack of response maybe they havent done it, i Dunno

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