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03-10-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
Yeah, but what Hatcher did for years is no longer legal. Checking any player where the head is the principal point of contact is no longer legal, no matter if you'r 6-7 or 6-1 or 5-5 (and I'd love to see Gerbe try). The days where what Hatcher and Stevens did is allowed are long gone because of results like this one.

It's only slightly late but definitely primary point of contact being the left side of Benn's face. That starts to move backwards before any momentum heads into his chest. There's almost no shoulder-on-shoulder or hip-on-hip contact. Plus it's quasi-blindside and Benn had little chance to see it coming even though he had his head up. That still counts for something.

I wrote about the whole thing here (with extra nerdy screenshots!):
It may be the rule, I'm just saying it's an asinine rule that defies reason. The guy would have had to bend himself awkwardly backward against his own momentum to keep from hitting him in the head. It's unfortunate he was hit in the head but there's not much one can do about it. Hanzal can't not be 6'6" and he can't alter the size of other players like he's a video game programmer before he hits someone. I don't like the hit but 'point of contact' should be irrelevant, same in football. If it was obvious that he launched himself like a missile at his head or threw up his elbow it would be a different story. Same as last year, I think it was the Nystrom hit on Letang. It wasn't Nystrom's fault that he hit Letang's head.

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