Thread: Speculation: It's Time to Tank: Who Gets Moved
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03-10-2013, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by KWGoon View Post
It's fun to speculate about trades, but the absolute first order of business would be for the owners to trade themselves so we get some real owners who understand that in today's NHL spending to the cap is essentially a prerequisite for postseason success. And vice versa. Even a casual fan can see that. Even a team with young (read: cheap) talent will have to spend. We're not doing it, so the panthers' business model does not place on-ice performance as a critical measure of success. Ultimately, the owners (the ones with real control, not Viner) don't give a crap about how well the team does.
I don't agree with this, the owners are very much invested in our team. I think it was the year that McCabe was captain we were spending right up to the cap. They were even willing to shell out 3 mill for Kopecky a career 3/4th liner and gave Jovo the money. When we have players that are worth spending money on, they will spend it.

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