Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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03-10-2013, 11:08 AM
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Sarah on Spence commercials

I dunno kids, I kinda find the chicks voice in the Spence Diamonds commercial kinda sexy sometimes. Has anyone ever seen her?

While I'm at it...

Jet Label's new attempt is a little less ridiculous but still a stretch to have relevance on a sports station by suggesting they named the company after the Winnipeg Jets famous line. Glad they are off Yashin though, shocked that crap ran as long as it did.

Oodle Noodle... Pretty sure I'm not ordering any simply because of the male chorus line singing...maybe it's the way we comb our hair. Not showing up at my door at 3am. Not.

Glass Masters. When it comes to wearing pants, "almost always" is not good enough. HAHAHA. I try and keep jack ***** out of my life, not find find one to replace my windshield.

I studied advertising too and yes an ad that doesn't get remembered is wasted. But I have to stop short of calling these successful as I'm left with an opinion about the company or its product that will have to OVERCOME to make a sale.

Probably some more examples too that I am forgetting. I'll add them later if I still care then.

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